Why don't mirrorless cameras have a 'shutter down' function?

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Re: Why don't mirrorless cameras have a 'shutter down' function?

TripleCoatedBokeh wrote:

A few reasons. Shutters are very delicate and it's much easier to blow some dust off a sensor than change your shutter. Shutters haven't been designed with this in mind. As a manufacturer I wouldn't want the liability of replacing thousands of shutters because they break when people abuse them using a function I provided. The design of a shutter may cause the life of the shutter to be decreased or even damage the shutter mechanism (compressed springs, etc.) If left closed for long durations. There's high risk of damaging your shutter when changing lenses if you aren't careful when doing so. Depending on how deep the shutter is it could potentially get scraped by the lens's mount.

That's just a few off the top of my head.

Weird how shutters have never needed this cleaning you speak of in 70+ years of SLR design yet suddenly now that several mirrorless cameras have been designed badly, their owners need to invent coping mechanisms to tell themselves that the inferior design with the exposed sensor is actually superior.

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