Pentax - the new Japanese "Leica"...!

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Re: Pentax - the new Japanese "Leica"...!

sprocket-docket wrote:

jf_tea wrote:

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Confused of Malvern wrote:

We hope that's not Pentax but we'll only know when they reveal the pricing for the K3iii

If it's over 3 grand, we can talk about Leika-ness.

But I still think Guinness is a better comparison: it's not particularly more expensive than any good lager, but, if you prefer stout, it's what you get. Pentax is moving into that same territory: not a prestige, over-priced brand, but if you prefer an OVF, it's what you get, because they believe in it, support it, and do it best.

I'd go for a Guinness a thousand times before thinking about buying anything Leica

A thousand Guinnesses and I'd think about buying ANYTHING

A thousand Guinesses and I wouldn't think any more. Much before the thousandth one actually.

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