Need a Good Star Tracking Mount

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Re: Need a Good Star Tracking Mount

starman1969 wrote:

I use the Fornax Lightrack II mount, which in my opinion is much easier to setup than the Star Adventurer as well as being the most accurate portable star tracker going. It does, however, come at a price.

My girlfriend is a Fornax ambassador, I mostly use Sky Watcher mounts for my portable setups (I have all 3, the Mini, regular, and AZ-GTi). Personally I think if I'm going above ~200mm (like using our WO Redcat) I prefer the AZ-GTi with it's go-to and other integrated functions with its app. I haven't had problems getting 180+ second exposures with it when properly balanced. The LighTrack is a good mount, no doubt, but it's limitation with having to be reset after 80ish minutes is annoying at best. I'm personally putting in 2-3 hours minimum on a given target in a night and having to reset a mount is a deal breaker for me. I never understate the advantage of having an integrated app and go-to with the AZ-GTi and longer focal lengths, it really makes the whole process easier. It may not be as great of a tracker as the Fornax in terms of periodic error and tracking capabilities, but the time saved with some other functions usually makes up for that.

I use my Mini mostly for time lapse and backpacking needs, the regular Star Adventurer for car trips where I don't want the complexity of the AZ-GTi. My girlfriend likes the Fornax and will use it mostly for moderate focal length Nightscapes up to 135mm or so and the occasional Redcat imaging. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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