Maintenance - Epson P900 or Canon Pro1000

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Re: Maintenance - Epson P900 or Canon Pro1000

Adam2 wrote:

panos_m wrote:

Adam2 wrote:

I'll say my Pro 2000 uses more ink than any printer I've owned including other Epson wide formats. By comparison the Epson P series are teetotalers.

Do you have any facts (with data) about this claim or it is just based on a personal impression and prejudice against Canon?

Other than filled maintenance carts, empty cartridges, and real life experience, there is little published data. Do you care to share yours? Red River has their information on a variety of smaller printers including the p900 and Pro 1000. FWIW all of my photo gear is Canon and I have no animus towards the company.

So you don't have any data. You just saying....

I keep very detailed ink consumption data about my two printers a PRO-1000 and a PRO-4000. If you care I can share it but against what are you going to compare since you don't have any data?

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