Matching colors on lightroom screen and print

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Re: Matching colors on lightroom screen and print

janeames wrote:


I have a canon pro 100. I use lightroom and Canson paper. I have downloaded the profiles from the canson. I cannot see to get the correct color from the screen to the printer. For instance I have a tree in fall that is orange on the screen, and when it comes out of my printer it looks red.

These are my settings in lightroom printing. Print, setup, main, color intensity (manual), matching none (and I have also tired icm and put in the profile there as well).

I set the print to the icc profile which I downloaded from Canson.


Please let me know if you have any ideas? Is there a color profile setting on my computer that needs to change. I have windows 10 and a pc. Yes, I have calibrated.

have you tried printing from the Canon print and Layout utility?

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