What lens would you add next for a Z7II for Utah trip?

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Re: What lens would you add next for a Z7II for Utah trip?

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The DR with the D800E is exactly the same as the Z7ii at ISO 400 and above, there's no reason to add a big and bulky DSLR to the picture.


I do not have the Z7II but I would expect it to be more like the D850, I do have both the D850 and the D800e and I definitely like the D800e for night sky and Milkyway shots for more pinpoint stars(single shots) no need for stacking mulitiple frames....Single shot Night sky:

for daylight landscapes I do use the D850.... like this:

I've owned both a D800E and Z7 and used both extensively for astro/nightscapes, there really is very little difference and for 99% of night imaging you'll never see a difference. Optics is far more important.

I do see a difference between my D800e and D850 night sky shots. It seems to me that the smaller pixels of the D850 requires more exposure making it necessary to increase ISO , but increasing the ISO reduces the Dynamic Range of the shot.... For daytime shots - No problem with the D850 - amazing resolution:

ISO has nothing to do with increasing the amount of photons collected by your sensor, the difference between the D800E and Z7 are virtually nothing, the Z7 has slightly higher full well capacity, slightly lower quantum efficiency, much much lower read noise, and the same exact dynamic range. All of this is verifiable at the photonstophotos website I linked before. Like I said, I used both those cameras for astro/nightscape imaging A LOT, the difference in sensor performance between them is nothing. Here are a few shots I've done with the D800E and Z7, without looking at exif can you tell me which ones are which?

My guesses are #1(top) D800e, #2 Z7, #3 Not sure but maybe Z7, #4 Z7(bottom)

1) Z7 w/Sigma Art 35mm https://flic.kr/p/2gvUSSa

2) D800E w/Sigma Art 35mm https://flic.kr/p/29cyo7b

3) D800E w/Sigma Art 50mm https://flic.kr/p/27Kj89q

4) Z7 w/Nikkon 85mmS https://flic.kr/p/2jq8oWx

Honestly I could post pictures with a variety of cameras ranging from cheap $300 Nikon D5300's up to specialized cooled astro cameras that cost thousands; utilizing lenses that range from cheap $200 Rokinons up to telescopes that cost thousands. I'd bet 99% of people wouldn't be able to identify which picture matched which camera/lens combo. We've reached a point in camera technology where the sensor inside any given camera is capable of producing absolutely incredible results. For the vast majority of photography the 6" of space that occupies what's behind the camera (ie, your brain) is the biggest determination of final image quality.

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