Youtube by a Wedding Photographer of RP, R, R6 & R5

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Re: Youtube by a Wedding Photographer of RP, R, R6 & R5

Alastair Norcross wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

RobBobW wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

Going from 5DmkII to 5dmkIII is huge, from the 5DmkIII to the RP is gigantic (and the same is true for going from 5DmkIV to the R), but after that the improvements, are, and will be, smaller and smaller. I'm not saying it will be completely negligible, that's something else.

Just curious, why do you say going from the 5Dlll to the RP is a gigantic leap?

Eye AF, AF accuracy, AF across the frame, no need for AF calibration, I think that's a gigantic improvement for the keeper rate.

I agree that the jumps from 5DIII or 5DIV to RP or R in those respects are huge. In terms of their sensors, though, there's pretty much no difference between 5DIII and RP (they line up almost exactly on Bill Claff's measurement chart), or between 5DIV and R (which use the same sensor). And there are performance advantages to the 5DIII over the RP (6fps vs 4fps) and the 5DIV over the R (7fps vs 5fps), and both DSLR's have two card slots instead of one. For me, the AF advantages far outweigh the other disadvantages, so I would choose the RP or R over the 5DIII or 5DIV any day. But different things are important to different photographers.

Thanks for all the replies.  As a 5Dlll owner and considering the RP, it is good to know.  I presently also run EOS-M and Only OMD mirrorless cameras and really enjoy the improved focus accuracy over the 5Dlll.

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