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Re: DeepPRIME is a game-changer

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Jacques Cornell wrote:

While this looks impressive i'm still wating to see a picture where such heavy noise reduction didnt lead to very obvious watercolor effects, artefacts and an overall fake look when viewed fullscreen on a 4K monitor. Sure works well enough for social media and probably bigger prints even but still has its limitations when considering hi-res displays.

Your skepticism is misplaced. When the full image is viewed full-screen on my 32" 4K display, the sections represented above are 3/4" square. No watercolor effects or visible artifacts. And these are ISO 12,800 images. Two of them from Micro Four Thirds sensors. The full image would make a crisp, clean print at least 16"x24".

I'm talking about a full 3840x2160 px image (not a tile covering 2% of my screen). At such resolution IMO 16MP MFT shows its limitation even at base ISO (as some might remember and still disagree). If you apply such heavy noise reduction to a 20MP M43 cropped to 16:9 (5184x2920, 15MP) i'm not sure if resampling to 4k is enough to hide the artifacts. I'm pretty sure at 1920x1080 it will look just as clean as the FF image, which is great and good to see M43 useres have access to the same kind of software AI magic that smartphones use to make their images look okay.

But while that smartphones pics look great on the smartphones screen, they fall apart on my 4K monitor. The higher demands of modern monitors are not yet met even by $1200 smartphones. This has nothing to do with artistic quality of the picture, its just purely technically insufficient (so probably not relevant for many).

I wasn't going to say anything, but all that program does is soften everything to where you lose a lot of detail. Look at the amount of gradient in the Grey slacks in the Sony Pic, there Are numerous shades of color, but the M43 images have less.

That's the fault of a smaller sensor, the Noise is harder to manage and loss of detail is the result.

Look at the RAW capture with no NR on the left. Then tell me how the DeepPRIME processing "soften everything to where you lose a lot of detail" on the right. You know what "lose a lot of detail"? SHOOTING AT VERY HIGH ISO. WITH ANY CAMERA.

What PhotoLab does is minimize the loss better than any other RAW processor out there.

No reason to argue with pixel peepers. They spend the majority of their time examining their images at pixel level, searching for the tiniest instances of noise and softness or image defects whilst completely overlooking the image as a whole.

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