Next body move? With Nikkor F-Mount Lenses (Or without them?)

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Re: Next body move? With Nikkor F-Mount Lenses (Or without them?)

NostraLukas wrote:

A million years ago, I bought a Nikon D700 full-frame and a Nikkor 24mm 1.4G, 50mm 1.4G, and a 70-200mm 2.8G II. The thinking back then was, "get nice glass because you'll always have it, and upgrade the bodies later."

2) Transition to a Nikon Z. - Buy an adapter and use my F-mount lenses. Get on the mirrorless train because that's where the innovation will be moving forward (putting aside medium format). Maybe there is some level of performance synergy sticking with Nikon? Are the Zs competitive with Sony and Fuji for mirrorless to the extent going the adapter route is worth it (considering the added bulk of an adapter, the mismatch between lens/ sensor, and length shift)?

Hi NostraLukas,

I think you should keep your lenses and get a Nikon Z camera. If you keep a look out, you may find a deal where the FTZ adapter is bundled for a reduced price. Your lenses are all G lenses, which will work with the FTZ adapter. I use an F mount lens with my Z50 and it work like it did on a DSLR.

This, in my opinion, is the path of least resistance, only change the body and get a Z body. Since you have been using a full frame body, you have 5 choices now - Z5, Z6, Z6II, Z7 and Z7II (with more likely to be announced later this month).

The immediate benefits (among others) that you will see from moving to a mirrorless Z body:

- lighter weight vs D700

- in body image stabilization - your 24mm and 50mm will become VR

- more resolution

- WYSIWYG EVF that can show exposure real-time

You may even want to get a used body to try. If you are buying new, consider getting the Z mount 24-200mm lens, which by all accounts is lightweight and good. While it won't be as good as your 70-200mm or primes, it will give you a light carry around setup when you are not specifically photographing in low light.

Good luck!

edit: using nikon lenses on a fuji body will have compromises as its a third party adapter, which may stop working after a firmware update, for example. And moving to a new system is quite expensive, especially to get the same quality lenses as you currently have on your DSLR. Plus, I personally, am not convinced that in general usage, either Sony or Fuji will give you something significantly better than what a Z camera would give you.

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