Do I need a "studio strobe" or "outdoor strobe" for product photography

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Re: Do I need a "studio strobe" or "outdoor strobe" for product photography

My first suggestion would be to "learn" about lighting products.  I, we, can't tell you what you need until we know how and what you want to light/photograph.

I could use a simple 60 watt incandescent bulb and light a product.  Could I light ANY product with that?  Probably not.  It really depends on what your final vision is.

What modifiers are you going use?  How close are the lights?  The camera?  What f/stop do you need?  ISO? Do you need a lot of Depth of Field or shallow?

When I first started I shot large format.  We needed A LOT of power back then.  The format, ISO of the film, f/stop needed, bellows extension, etc., called for it.  It wasn't uncommon to use one or even several 2000 watt sec. (yes "thousand!") strobes back then.

I'd suggest watching any videos you can find on You Tube and see what they use that might be similar to what you want to accomplish.

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