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Re: en-el15c battery charging

Ernie Misner wrote:

Thanks for the great reply. I hope you do get back into it and see how much things have changed - much so for the better. Indeed the small electrics are so easy to fly close to home now. Did you ever try an RC glider? I flew a ton of hand launch gliders in the 90's but have a couple of "powered gliders" now. Snagging a thermal is so much fun it's pathetic.

I think the LiFePO4 chemistry is extremely user friendly but doesn't pack as much amperage in a small and lightweight size as the Li-Ions do. Going in the other direction, LiPo's (lithium polymer) are used now to power electric motors and pack more amperage in a small size than Li-Ions do - but they are more dangerous yet and have burned many houses down if not handled correctly.

You see? I told you I needed to research the newer technology. You kindly taught me some things about the LiFePO4 batteries I had wrong. I thought they were capable of higher amperage output. Thank you for the mini lesson on the newer battery technologies. It was the LiPo batteries that caused so many fires in the hover boards just a few years ago, was it not?

I never got into the gliders. We had a couple of guys in our club that flew them. They were generally a thorn in the side of most of the other RC pilots. Their big wingspan, slow flying, planes were hogging up the airspace of the hot rods. I never saw, or heard of, a midair collision between a glider and a faster plane. But, it was a contentious relationship. OTOH, there were frequently collisions between the faster planes. Given a little time, the glider pilots would catch a thermal and get altitude well beyond where most guys wanted to fly. I never had a problem with them. But, never joined them in their enthusiasm for the gliders either.

Long after I stopped flying, the club lost its lease on their land and had to move. They’re now on some military owned land. There are some severe restrictions on the altitude they can fly. Gliders would not be much fun. I would still like to have a go at the battery powered sport planes. I might have to spend some time learning about them, and the current generation of radio gear, and give it a try. Between motorcycles, firearms and cameras, there are hardly enough hours in a day (or dollars) to take on another hobby. Just thinking about those old days brings back some wonderful memories. Thanks for jogging those memories. And thanks to the other forum members for tolerating our conversation way off topic.

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