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sirhawkeye64 wrote:

jjuncal wrote:

Hi there!

I just sent my Z7 for repair because of the peeling rubber but got a message from them if I want to make the repair for the cracks in the front part as you see in the picture.

I saw this crack while I was preparing the package to send. But I never saw it before.

I’m quit sure my camera never felt and I’m wondering what kind of fall would make such damage...

I was wondering if any of you had such cracks on their bodies?


I would just leave it (upon closer inspection, yes it looks more like cracks, but the mount ring, which is metal anyway) doesn't appear to be cracked. Plus the body I believe has a metal shell that protects the interior. So as long as it doesn't crack more it shoulid be fine. HOwever, I'm curious as to how these cracks formed.... I could see if you put a lens on it that was too heavy that could possibly have caused the cracks to form, although at that point, then the interior metal cage and/or lens mount may also be deformed.

Do you notice any issues with IQ (ie. light leaks, or connection issues between the body and lens)? If not, I would just leave it. I mean Nikon would classify that as abuse/mis-use anyway so it wouldn't be covered under warranty.

I wondered the same about pairing with big lens. in my case the z 70-200mm 2.8s wich I hadn't the apportunity to use it a lot. but as you're saying damage would be higher with the body bended.

I havn't seen any light leak or IQ difference.

at this point I think some object sliperd on the camera... even maybe some lens when trying to pair it with the body.

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