Is Andromeda still visible I the UK?

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Re: Is Andromeda still visible I the UK?

mclewis wrote:

cheddarman wrote:

Just a quick question???

As I've considerably improved my processing I'd like to re visit Andromeda.

The Andomeda galaxy M31 is visible year round in the UK. Get a planisphere or planetarium software to see where it (or any star/DSO) is at any time.

In answer to my own question, yes it is, just!

Had a short break in the clouds last night so rushed out and grabbed 30 X 30sec lights and darks. Wasn't until I was processing them in Siril that I realised that hadn't changed over to RAW but Siril handled the .jpeg's quite well!

By the time I'd finished outside, Andromeda was rapidly sinking into the NW horizon where I have mega light pollution from street lights😩

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