TRAVEL TRIPOD < 1Kg (inc. Levelling / Pano head)b

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Re: TRAVEL TRIPOD < 1Kg (inc. Levelling / Pano head)b

MVDH wrote:

Really Right Stuff has a similar mini ballhead, the BPC-16, but I found EURO 240 a bit to crazy to give it a try. The one you have is about 15% of the price on amazon, I might have to give it a try.

The Mengs head (and the apparently identical Leofoto head, plus some others that might be made in the same shop) are nearly identical copies of the RRS BPB-16. Other similar RRS knock-offs are available too.

One important difference between the copies and the RRS original: the RRS ball and stem are made of case-hardened steel, while the ball and stem structures of the copies are apparently made of aluminum. I'm not an engineer or materials scientist, but I suspect that a thin bit of aluminum might be more likely to stress fracture or fail under load than a similar bit of hardened steel--and that RRS might have used a stronger material for reasons other than that it's both heavier and more costly.

I can't find it again, but I did come across one post in which it was claimed that the knock-off failed at the tripod attachment--and the camera just fell off. (I think it was a Shinewee.)

I decided to pass on the copies (although the Sunwayfoto PMB-18--with a bit larger ball than the others and a thicker stem, but a similar aluminum base--might be well worth $35 for use with a lightweight camera), and I'm still undecided about the BPC-16.

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