What lens would you add next for a Z7II for Utah trip?

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Re: What lens would you add next for a Z7II for Utah trip?

vbuhay wrote:

EricTheAstroJunkie wrote:

The DR with the D800E is exactly the same as the Z7ii at ISO 400 and above, there's no reason to add a big and bulky DSLR to the picture.


I do not have the Z7II but I would expect it to be more like the D850, I do have both the D850 and the D800e and I definitely like the D800e for night sky and Milkyway shots for more pinpoint stars(single shots) no need for stacking mulitiple frames....Single shot Night sky:

for daylight landscapes I do use the D850.... like this:

I've owned both a D800E and Z7 and used both extensively for astro/nightscapes, there really is very little difference and for 99% of night imaging you'll never see a difference. Optics is far more important.

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