Time Machine Failure.

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Re: Time Machine Failure.

casperghst42 wrote:

That is not a Failure, it’s telling you that your backup drive is full. That can happen, normally TM should clean up automatically, but sometimes it does not and then you run into this problem. I’ve seen it quite often, and then I just clean out old backups which I don’t need.

Open a Terminal and use tmutil:

$ tmutil listbackups

Will give you a list of all the backups you have on your driver, and with

$ tmutil delete

will delete backups.

I have this small script (can’t remember where I got it) which will remove the 10 oldest backups:

— snip —

#!/usr/bin/env bash

COUNT=$(tmutil listbackups | wc -l)


if [ $DELCOUNT -gt 0 ] ; then
echo "Trimming Backups - $DELCOUNT backup to remove"
LIST=$(tmutil listbackups | head -n$DELCOUNT)

while IFS= read f ; do
echo === $f
sudo tmutil delete "$f"
done < <(tmutil listbackups | head -n$DELCOUNT)

echo "No backups to remove"

— snip —

But as I said, it’s not a failure of your backup, it’s TM which has not done it’s job of removing old backups.

Thank you for taking the trouble to write this info but I have no idea what a Terminal is and don't undestand this stuff.

Well it's a failure to me if it does not delete when it clearly says in the Time Machine window it will do that.

I paid a lot of money for my iMac and I expect it to work, I souldn't have to fiddle around trying to make it work, that's why I left Windows 10 years ago.

Thanks again for your time.

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