Best <$1000 mirrorless FF companion to M43

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Jeeter001 wrote:

Thank you for all the advice! I reached my decision which in this case the optimal system is a gently used Nikon Z5. The Z5 bodies are falling just below $1k now on the used market. So begins the hunt.

Sony old bodies are too polarizing with some people liking them while others revile them. I know from my experience with Sony equipment, they can have some nice features but then totally screw some other features up, especially UI. Its a little too much risk of not liking it and wanting to get rid of it.

It was a tight decision with the Canon RP which can be had maybe $200 cheaper, and I really wanted to try a Canon having never had one, but there is too much more you get for the small premium to the Z5 including IBIS, dual card support, and an EVF that looks really good compared to many other cameras on the market let alone entry level. DPR did an RP/Z5 compare vid that hits a number of points in favor of the Z5.

I would prefer to have access to the Canon EF lens system in the FF platform however checking eBay, F mount lenses also seem a-plenty. With both the RP and Z5 you can get the branded adapter for ~$200 and for both an EF/F mount 50mm f/1.8 lens with AF starts around $70. I'm surprised how cheap!

Excellent, excellent, choice. Congratulations on your move to full frame.

Full frame will never be as compact as m4/3, but the image quality you get, especially in low light, will make it all worth it.

If you'd like to save some $$, consider FX DSLR lens with the FTZ adapter, though of course it will be a lot heavier than what you are used to. Naturally, buying native lenses is always a safe bet.

However, just FYI, Techart makes the TZE-01, which lets you adapt Sony E lenses to your Z5 and even gives it autofocus. It goes without saying that nothing beats native autofocus, but it is usable according to some reviews on Youtube.

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