Canon fd 500mm f4.5L on m43

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Re: Canon fd 500mm f4.5L on m43

OldMax2000 wrote:

I am researching the web and trying to make the same decision on a MF long telephoto lens as the OP. I bumped into this thread but do not see the conclusion of this discussion.

kohinoor, what decision did you make based on the discussion here?

Hi Max!

My personal conclusion was to buy the Canon fd500/4.5L in October 2019 and I have since used it exclusively for birding first on a Panasonic G80 and later on on Panasonic G9.
Nowadays I have the Olympus MC14 teleconverter added 90% of the time.

For birding I wouldn't buy any other manual lens as for me it strikes the best balance of reach/ image quality/ weight/ cost.
The Pana G9 has that huge high resolution Viewfinder ideal for manual focus.

For some results with the lens see my posts here , and here , and this one , and also this recent on with G9 , and this one from adapted lens talk shows some subjects other than birds.
And in this thread you can see how I carry and shoot the lens.

Since above thread covered many topics I don't know what exactly you want to know. -So please feel free to ask and if I can I will answer.


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