Canon 600mm f11 is not what i expected

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Re: Canon 600mm f11 is not what i expected

HUN wrote:

The problem you face is the same I had with my Olympus 300mm f/4 + 1.4 TC (FF equivalent to 840mm f/11): you will be able tto use it in very bright light only or high ISO will ruin details of the birds. For BIF you need fast shutter speeds (1/2000 and faster) which does not work well with such a small aperture. Ocasionally it is OK, when there is a bright day you go out to shoot BIF and enjoy the small size and weight. But forget morning and late afternoon shots when the light is the best.

Unless I shoot hummingbirds and want the wings not blurred then depending on the bird 1/800 to 1/1500 is usually sufficient. With 500mm and longer lenses for BIF that fill at least 1/2 of the frame I need to stop down to f8 but preferably f11 to get both wings reasonably sharp.  So I bump up ISO. Or not, but then I loose depth of field. Bird photography is still about compromises. A cheap and good 600mm f11 is not a bad compromise in relatively good light. Dawn or dusk and you need to spend a few grand more.

With some luck with focusing this can be done with the 600/11:

Steller's Eagle

This, not really:

Scarlet Ibis

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