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The new M1 Mac processes and saves the same RAW files with Deep Prime in about 7 seconds.

this is interesting - even considering that with larger files than the ones generated by your Olympus things could be different - but let me understand one thing: 7 seconds for applying Deep Prime and saving the JPEG? and what JPEG quality? and how many seconds to start Photolab? I am considering the Mac Mini, but it is hard to understand how much an improvement it would be over my current set-up.

On 8GB M1, PhotoLab starts in seconds, maybe depending on how many previews it loads.

I would like to add....how much time with Deep Prime from Raw to 16 bit Tiff?

What camera? I'd be happy to do some timings for you. With Sony A7Rm4, Deep PRIME takes about 3x as long as no noise reduction.

I have been setting JPEG quality = 90 and have not tried TIFF. Unfortunately there is no option for lossless WebP, which would be about half the size of LZW compressed TIFF.

It's important to note that you can continue working on subsequent images while demosaic and Deep PRIME are working.

Sony A7RIV....thank you! I know you can continue working while processing work. DXO PL is my favourite and my most used program (by far). Sometimes sending Tiffs to other programs / Qimage One. Would like to know how fast this new M1 can be at the moment.

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