Good "travel zoom" for Nikon DX Cameras?

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Re: Good "travel zoom" for Nikon DX Cameras?


2yota wrote:

No one seems to like the 18-200 VR for today's modern camera's. The build quality of this lens is actually quite solid. Much closer to the build of the 16-80 lens whereas the 18-140 reflects a slightly "cheaper" build. When I'm pixel peeping, the 18-140 is a little sharper than the 18-200 in the centre. But for everyday shots, I wouldn't even know which lens was which. Having said that, it's still hard for me to recommend the 18-200 knowing that the 18-140 can be had for equal or lesser cost. So there's my vote.

I started seeing less-than-desired sharpness with an 18-200vr on a 10mp D200. Its flaws would be even more evident on a 24mp camera.

That said, the 18-200 is a pretty decent lens in the 18-135 range, so the 18-140 seems a fine alternative to me. Need to go more than about 150mm? Get a second lens.


I bought my Nikon 18-200mm lens to be used with my D40 (6mp) camera.

My copy of the 18-200mm lens did not work well with my D3300 (24mp).

However, my 18-200mm works reasonable well with my D7500 (20mp).


The below picture was from my D7500 camera & 18-200mm lens combo.

The jpg image was extracted from the original out-of-camera raw file.

This picture was taken using 200mm at the long end of the lens.

Jpg image extracted from the raw file.

The above picture's exif information.



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