What Full Frame Camera should i buy?

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Re: What Full Frame Camera should i buy?

Cameron_1179_DP wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

I agree with Sybersitizen about posting in the Nikon FX forum.

Also, clearly say in your opening post what you feel is lacking in your D7000. Is it mainly lowlight performance? Are you looking at getting shallower depth of field for portraits? Other reasons? Presenting your reasons upfront will really help people with giving you useful information.

Maybe consider too whether it is really full frame, or whether an upgrade to a D7200 or D7500 would give you what you need.

Im looking for something that can handle lowlight and focus better in dark situations. Sorry for keeping that opening so broad haha. Partially why i want to go to full frame is they seem to handle noise better than DX cameras.

Be aware of equivalence. If you want the same shot on full frame, you have to stop down the aperture by one stop and then increase the ISO by one stop to get the exact same image. This will more or less nullify the high ISO IQ advantage FF has.

Of course it will still have slightly better DR and most likely you will be able to retrieve shadows a little bit better in post.

But if you want the same shot (same DoF)... you won't see a huge difference.

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