How do you carry your camera plus RF 100-500?

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Re: How do you carry your camera plus RF 100-500?

rherteux wrote:

I'm struggling a bit with how to best carry this lens (mounted on my R6). I have the tripod foot facing up most of the time and I usually just grab it by the tripod foot but the foot is rather small and doesn't allow for a good grip.

With my 100-400 II I was able to change the foot to a longer arca swiss foot and that worked fairly well, but sadly the foot on this lens can't be replaced and nobody is making a replacement collar (as of yet). I did find some longer universal lens plates on Amazon and that will help but I can't imagine that will be comfortable holding for long periods. Not really looking for a strap solution. Any other ideas?

If you don't want to use a strap your options are pretty limited - and when alternative collars find their way onto the market the feet may not be much bigger than the original one.

I have a ProMediaGear L-bracket fitted to the R5 most of the time, and this allows carrying by the L-bracket upright which works really nicely. The 100-500 is light enough for this to be a practical way to carry the camera. I almost always leave the 100-500 tripod collar at home, or in my bag, which lightens the lens even further.

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