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Re: R VS R6 dynamic range +

I have both the R and R6. The R from the day it was released and the R6 for about a month or 2. What I can say is the focus on the R6 is much better and the R does have a small bit higher resolution.

When I bought the R6 my plan was to sell the R but I still have it, just could not let it go, it is a good camera, the R6 is a better camera like I said for any thing that moves.

So from my view

the R is my camera when I do portraits and landscapes.

the R6 is for for any thing that moves or low low light.

If you can only have 1, I would make it the R6 but then if you only do portraits and landscapes the R is a lot less money

IBIS is freaking AWESOMEat my age (70)

With the R I had to make sure that every lens I bought had IS with the R6 I don't

DR test at 13 min

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