What Full Frame Camera should i buy?

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Re: What Full Frame Camera should i buy?

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New Day Rising wrote:

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I agree with Sybersitizen about posting in the Nikon FX forum.

Also, clearly say in your opening post what you feel is lacking in your D7000. Is it mainly lowlight performance? Are you looking at getting shallower depth of field for portraits? Other reasons? Presenting your reasons upfront will really help people with giving you useful information.

Maybe consider too whether it is really full frame, or whether an upgrade to a D7200 or D7500 would give you what you need.

Im looking for something that can handle lowlight and focus better in dark situations. Sorry for keeping that opening so broad haha. Partially why i want to go to full frame is they seem to handle noise better than DX cameras.

Aye, fair enough.

Of course your budget will be a major consideration and also the size and weight of the gear you want to handle.

If it were me, assuming you have an "average" budget (which of course is a bit vague), I would be looking at a D750. Overall better performance and ergonomics than the D6xx series, without the bulk or cost of the D8xx series or D3, etc. I would do a bunch of reading to compare specs and thinking seriously about the ergonomics - coming from a D7xxx I reckon you would prefer a D750 to a D6xx - and get an idea of which specific models fall in your price bracket.

You mention the D700. This is still a great camera that can produce beautiful looking images, but bear in mind it has been around for a long while and its lowlight performance will be a fair bit below more recent models. I don't think it's what you're looking for.

Have a look at used (but not overused) models and you might be surprised at how much the prices of full frame DSLRs have dropped. I personally think they are much better value at the moment than mirrorless, but you might prefer the mirrorless and EVF experience.

So an update:
Found a few D700's i liked, but then found a nice D3 for only $500 so i decided to bite the bullet...What an amazing camera i have got to say, ill probably end up getting the D750 as a back up but the D3 is my workhorse for now (And so far its survived 3 drops)

What a great buy! A genuinely brilliant camera and to get that much capability for $500 is fantastic.

Enjoy it (and maybe try not to drop it quite so often, though I'm sure it will cope)!

Honestly i think i expected it to break after second drop haha, this camera is quite literally a tank.

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