How do you carry your camera plus RF 100-500?

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Re: How do you carry your camera plus RF 100-500?

birdbrain wrote:

Fit an ARCA plate to the lens foot.

Get an ARCA clamp.

Then something like a Black Rapid connector.

Screw that onto the underside of the clamp, attach the clamp to the plate on the lens, then hang from your Black Rapid, or similar sling.

I carried my 7D2 with either the 100-400 MKII or 500 f4 MKII like this.

I wasn't aware that the standard Canon tripod foot was arca-swiss - at least my EF 100-400L ii isn't ?

I am obviously missing something as I don't understand how this will work ? The OP wpould need to attach an arca-swiss plate to the tripod foot (as I suggested above) and then attach the arca-swiss clamp to the plate and then the ring to the clamp - if it is just a loop for attaching a strap that was required, why not just screw it into the tripod foot directly ?

I thought that the OP wanted a "handle" that could be used to carry it with (hence the suggestion of a longer plate) and wasn't "looking for a strap solution", but maybe I misunderstood that ?


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