Time Machine Failure.

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Re: Time Machine Failure - - - TM Sucks, I agree!

BrownieVet wrote:

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BrownieVet wrote:

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Thanks will have to have a look tomorrow as not familure with this.

I just MANUALLY delete the oldest backup.
BTW, several years ago. I received an error message of "Unable to Restore - backup file is not compatible with new Operating System. I got around that problem by MANUALLY restoring the file I need. Since then I stopped using TIME MACHINE.
BTW, have you used SELECTIVE Backup on Time Machine? That will save you time and disk space.

Well time machine would not let me delete anything, so I erased and started anew.

I stopped using TIME MACHINE a year ago (January 2020).
Before that, I have THREE external (USB connected) dedicated HARD Drives).
I MANUALLY copy / delete / transfer files to and from my Apple to any of the external HD.
While it is a PITA, I like the advantage of FILE-BY-FILE selection for better control.

But during backup I got "Backup Failed " and now disk shows as unmounted. I have similar problem with my Samsung 2TB drive, one day I got message "Disk not ejected properly " but I hadn't ejected it at all and it was still plugged in.

I had and continue to experience similar problem. Used to bother me. Serendipitous discovered that the connection will re-establish itself without action from me. Sometime, very slight accidental touching of the USB connecting cable is the culprit.

When I look in Disk Utility it was shown as grayed out saying Not Mounted but clearly was as when I unpluged it, it disapeared from Disc utility and Finder.

YUP, similar experience here. I simply reset the Time Machine set-up. I am sure you know how to do that . . . made annotated screen shots for the benefit of those who might have forgotten the 'quircks"

Think it's time to dump Time Machine as it seems very unreliable now and ofte
n gives " Disk not ejected properly' when I havn't even touched it. I can't afford for Time Machine to keep destroying disks at this rate, I now have a 1TB SSD on order.

As stated in my opening paragraph, I STOPPED using TIME MACHINE . . .

Any ideas what to use for a one off payment please ?

Are you talking about alternative to Time Machine or something else?

= = = = = = =

REMEMBER to click the LOCK when done with your changes to prevent accidental changes.

Thanks for the detailed reply, my Time Machine doesn't have the padlock.

Yes looking for alternative to Time Machine please.

Time Machine in Catalina

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