M43 better for low light argument

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Re: M43 better for low light argument

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WileEC_ID wrote:

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#1) FF lens is letting in more light - no question. The front of my 600mm f/4 is nearly four times the size of my 300mm f/4 IS Pro - AND the shutter speeds are far quicker on the FF, whether in daylight or ambient or low ambient. Those are facts.

so...in identical lighting conditions when both of your cameras, FF and m4/3, are set to ISO 400 and f/4, your FF camera has a way faster shutter speed?

and you attribute this faster shutter speed to your FF lens' front element being 4X larger than than the m4/3 front element?

yes - that is my practical theory. Same was true in good light, as well.

and the faster shutter speed FF image was not under-exposed compared to the m4/3 image (and/or the m4/3 was not over-exposed vs the FF image)?

both cameras with ISO 400 and f/4, but with a faster speed on the FF camera, both produced the same exposure?

No - exposures were quite close - only real difference seemed to be shutter speed. I quick looked at a comparison - in good light.

E-M1mIII w/ 300mm f/4 IS Pro: f/4, ISO 200, 1/1000

D5 w/ 600mm f/4: f/4, ISO 200, 1/2500

Ambient light, same camera and lenses:

Olympus: f/5.6, ISO 3200, 1/15

Nikon FF: f/5.6, ISO 3200, 1/25

Since you wrote you had a quick look at a comparison ... why not post it (the shots) here?

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