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Have you any tips on using the XF10 for scenics or landscapes, particularly with regard to focusing? Do you use the 5m snap focus mode?


Thank you very much, Lee! I use the XF10 for different purposes. First it is the camera I always carry with me even if I don´t intend to take photographs. It is very compact so I can almost forget it in the pocket of my jacket. But if I see something I have a good camera with me to take the shot.

I also use it instead of an 18mm lens when I am out with my bigger Fuji. So I don´t have to change lenses too often. The bigger Fuji has for example a 35mm lens or a zoom and the XF10 with 18mm ist a great and lightweight addition to the main camera.

In landscape photography I mostly just use the auto focus in AF-S position. The focus mode ist set to "All" so that I can choose how big the little focus square should be. Normally I have it on medium size. If the light is not good I use a tripod so that I can still close the aperture to 8 and keep the ISO low. If I don´t have a tripod with me in such a situation I open up the aperture to 4 an try to hold the camera as steady as possible with rather slow shutter speed (not slower that 1/15 sec.). It helps to use the self timer (2 sec.) because than there ist no extra movement when the shutter is released. It is easier to hold a camera with a view finder steadily because you press it a little to the forehead when looking through it.

Snap focus I only use for street photography.

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