Precision Camera Disappoints Another User

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Re: Precision Camera Disappoints Another User

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AZheaven wrote:

I was in charge of shipping boat parts at a boat company in FL for 4 years. Everyone who packed the parts packed them to survive just about anything short of a steam roller running over the box.

For 27 years I worked at FedEx Express as a driver. I was appalled at how some companies, mainly Amazon, packed expensive items. LensRental, B & H, and I would assume Adorama also did the best. On a side note where I buy most of my gear from, Woodland Hills Camera and Telescope, they also pack their packages great.

Don't assume B&H always does a great job. I've had several less than optimum packaging of new Canon L or Sony GM lenses. The saving grace is that Canon's own package design is great. Sony pretty good as well. The problems mostly occur when original seller packaging is not used which happens a lot for a repair.

The point is this. Packaging expensive gear correctly the first time eliminates many things. Like refunds, damage claims, etc. Thanks to the OP for bringing this up since my camera is at Precision Camera for repair. I'll be on the lookout for how they ship it back to me.

Yes, the original packaging for lenses is often very good. Would not be surprised if places like B&H and Adorama know that, and count on it. I just hope they don't count on too much.

Amazon sent me a Nikon 85mm f/1.4 G lens (in its original packaging) in a box way too large, with a single air pillow that did nothing to protect it. The lens box rattled around in that box freely. The Nikon packaging did its best to protect the lens, but the inner clamshell was smashed by how much it had to withstand. That was the first and last lens I ever bought from Amazon.

KEH, on the other hand, packed a secondhand lens well enough to survive international shipping that crushed two corners of the box, even without the original packaging.

I cringe even ordering anything non breakable from Amazon!

But Precision Camera had the camera in a plastic bag, surrounded by bubble wrap in a sealed box, surrounded by bubble wrap and placed in another box. Kudos to them. Sometimes B & H as an after thought puts bubble wrap in the box either before or after placing something I ordered to ship. Like a battery I received last year. Battery on the bottom of the box, a sheet of bubble wrap on top.

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