How are R6 colors compared to older Canons

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Re: How are R6 colors compared to older Canons

Jean P71 wrote:

How do you feel about R6 colors, specifically in LIghtroom?

In Lightroom, pretty much all Canons since the EOS RP look horrible if you prefer Canons own signature colors. Adobe decided to ditch the camera matching profiles for Canon so we are stuck with Adobes generic, washed out profiles they think is a good starting point.

That said, Canon themselves have been all over the place lately in the color department. Both profiles and probably CFA has been changed and optimized between models and to be honest...the "Canon colors" we used to talk about don't really exist anymore. In fact - I was really worried after 5D4 and EOS R. And I also noticed that others are catching up (Sony) or even beating Canon: Fujifilm, Olympus and to be honest - Panasonic with its vivid punchy files that take us back to the 1Ds MK2/40D-era. Two cameras that I think define the old "Canon Colors" signature.

Thankfully however, the R6 seems to be tuned in a new direction and capable of some really pleasing colors either by using other software (like DPP) or make your own profiles. From what I have seen so far the R5 and R6 (with original profiles) do look much more like the older Canons. Not entirely though but Colors are more vibrant, the tone is more towards magenta - probably to make up for the ugly cold green cast from the 5D4/R sensor. I don't know what that was about. Please filmmakers?

Anyway...if one really cares about specific color "look and feel", the best way is to find your own method to get as close to the colors you want as possible and make a generic profile that will be consistent throughout different models and even different brands. Learning LUT is probably a good start. Not easy but it opens a door to endless color tweaks and grading that is simply impossible in your average RAW converter.

Or you know...just get an old Canon and hope it works:-)

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