What Full Frame Camera should i buy?

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Re: What Full Frame Camera should i buy?

kierenlon wrote:

I switched from the D7000 to a Fuji X-T30 because I wanted something smaller, with decent small primes between 16-35mm and remote (phone) trigger.

Ah yes, D7000 is pretty medium sized (But i got the Nikon D3 so my view on size is different). That Fuji looks great though, i like the compact look of it.

To get the same look, a Nikon Z6 with some F1.8 lenses would have been roughly the same price last time I looked.

Way over my budget haha

My general rule is that if you need to ask, you probably haven't thought enough about what you need / want. I recommend writing a list of what you like with your current set up, what you don't like and what you would like improved. Once you know what you might like improved - is it worth spending X to upgrade the body or could you buy a maybe a speedlight or a faster lens to fulfil that need?

Mainly i wanted something for low light, lenses couldn't do it for me(Getting a 17-50mm 2.8 and i still had to pump ISO beyond what i was comfortable to get pictures i wanted) neither could AF in near dark. Megapixels were never an issue for me so going down isnt an issue. Weight and size is also not a big deal (im pretty active and young so i dont think its a big issue). So all that together i went with the D3. Professional and built to last, and has great weather sealing against the weather (I live in Oregon so its a must). By the way i shoot astrophotography, so High ISO is a big key feature for me. The D3 delivered.

I can't imaging you'd be disappointed with any modern camera. Switching systems is expensive though. Good luck with your decision. Buying old / high shutter count bodies is a risk. The D700 is 12 years old and I don't think Nikon service them any more? I would lean towards a newer Nikon if I were you but cost in those improvements over your D7000

Well i took the risk, and im pretty sure i hit jackpot. Got a Nikon D3, near new with 90k shutter. I'm excited what ill do with this new ("New") camera.

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