Good "travel zoom" for Nikon DX Cameras?

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Re: Good "travel zoom" for Nikon DX Cameras?

ARClark wrote:

calson wrote:

A D500 is a poor choice as a backup camera for a Z camera or even a FX camera for that matter. When I traveled with a new D850 and my D500 I came to realize that if the D850 had any problems the D500 was not a good backup camera with its DX sensor. I sold the D500 and bought a second D850 camera.

I ended up doing the same thing. I didn’t necessarily find the D500 as a poor choice, per se. In my circumstances, I found that the D500’s advantages in AF speed, frame rate and buffer didn’t overcome the inconvenience of having two different formats to contend with. It’s nice having complete interchangeability of the same camera for user settings, lenses, memory cards, etc. There’s just less decision-making, and the D850 has advantages over the D500 for my shooting, especially the wider field of view for shooting active birds and BIF.

With a Z camera the best backup is another Z camera. Second choice would be a compact camera with a 1" sensor like the Lumix or Canon G series cameras where they have an integrated zoom lens and provide Raw file capture.

For me it's not that it's a poor choice, but rather I didn't want to spend that much on a wildlife camera and am probably going to go wit ha refurbished D7500 instead, which even compared to a used D500, is still about $300 cheaper. ($800 vs about $1100 for a D500 used).

Plus the D7500 is a bit smaller (and I have smaller hands so that helps too, especially when using larger lenses like a 200-500). But in reality, I decided to try to do some wildlife with my Z7 II first and see as I've seen some pretty convincing shots online of people who supposedly used the original Z bodies (with Firmware v3.0 or later) and got some excellent results, so maybe I don't need a DSLR for the amount of wildlife I plan on on doing (which is basically a time killer right now, as travel is restricted so harder to do travel and landscape, and nobody wants to do group model shoots because of COVID restrictions -- I felt wildlife was one genre that was sort of some interest, and something I could actually do without needing to go anywhere or deal with other people).

In the end, though, if I do end up with a D7500 used at some point, I may just pick up an 18-140 used. Again, it wouldn't be my primariy camera and I probably would never actually use it for anything other than wildlife unless I had a problem with one of my Z bodies (hence it being a backup).

(I actually travelled with a guy who only had one camera body, and unfortunately it stopped working halfway through our landscape trip to Death Valley.  Since then, I always carry a second body of some sort because it's one of those things that if you don't, you will probably end up wishing you had one).  And again, this discussion came up when was considering trading two Gen1 Z bodies for one Z II body but that didn't happen so I no longer really "need" the DX as a backup.

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