R5 BIF Settings - Help Please.

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Re: R5 BIF Settings - Help Please.

Clickersnap wrote:

Had the camera about 10 days now and just starting to get to grips with it, and I have been practicing BIF.

So far I have struggled with Animal "eye AF" for BIF when the are around 100-200 feet away and particularly when there is distracting background. Locking on appears to be the issue, if I get lock on with the bird "in the sky" it appears to be sticky and track well. However acquiring focus with a busy background is much more challenging.

As such I am confused if I should use Animal eye af for BIF or just for static birds where eye AF appears to be more sticky? My best success appeared to be on zone AF?

Any help on settings appreciated


I think you hit the limit of the AF system capabilities at 200 feet with busy backgrounds. My experience is similar. I try to lock focus using 1-point AF or expanded area AF and then switch to eye AF. I configured eye AF to the DOF button so it is very easy to switch.

You can use eye AF for both static and moving birds. I experimented with acquiring initial focus with zone AF and them switching to eye AF for BIF but the difference is minimal except with large birds that are close.

Case 2 in Servo AF settings works best for me.

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