No 70-200f4 z on the roadmap

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Re: No 70-200f4 z on the roadmap

AlexBlct wrote:

twan wrote:

There is no 70-200f4 on the z lens roadmap.

would you advise to buy the f Mount version and use it via the ftz adapter on a z6ii? It would me a great lens weight to take on walks. Reviews seems great but it’s an older lens I think.

I also would save money for a 200-500 or later a Z variant.
The Z 2.8 is just more weight

I do own the 70-200 f4, and I use it with my z7 on the FTZ. It works as expected, and it is one of my most used lens for landscapes. It's a very good lens, but it's no like it is astonishing either. It is a good lens that does well what it is intended to do.

That said, I fully expect Nikon to come up with a Z version of this lens. There are also some strong rumours that this will be the case despite the fact that it is not currently on the road map. Given the fact that we already have 14-30 f4, and a24-70f4 that are clearly both meant to be smaller and lighter than their 2.8 counterparts, a 70-200 f4S only makes sense. Nikon's lens strategy is pretty clear : f1.2's and f1.8's for primes (+ a few exotics), and f4's and f2.8's for zooms. In this context, it wouldn't make any sense if Nikon did not produce such a lens.

To me, the only reason I can think of as to why it is not on the road map yet is because I expect Nikon to come up with a collapsible design (like the other f4's) that will make the lens very compact. If Nikon did put that lens on the road map, they would have to show the lens' silhouette like they did with the others. So, either the final design of the lens is not yet decided (which would affect overall size), or Nikon wants to keep this secret for now. Obviously, that's just me reading the tea leaves.

So, if I were you, I would try to wait for the Z lens to come out. If you can't, i would not buy the f4, but the cheaper 70-300, with the intention of replacing it with the f4z when it comes out.

I agree.

I usually take the 14-30 And F mount 70-200 f4 out with me, and bring out the 24-70 f4 for walkabouts. I would probably get a Z 70-200 and the FTZ would then not be needed for landscapes etc. Thought about the 24-200 after a couple of recent reviews but nothing is causing me to add to basket. Heard the 70-300 is alright but not that interested.

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