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Re: Panasonic DMC-FZ40

digitcallous wrote:


While I found FZ70 useless, FZ200 will be maybe my best friend ever, in darkness also

Small size, F 2.8 full range, superb stabilisation, and sensor not over-pixelated,.. did it

Foremost I could avoid flash, even indoor, lots of evening-shots, blue-hour, and so on

It's about worn out now, but I consider replacing with a FZ300, despite I own FZ1000

(partly becourse I got the Nikon teleconverters also to be re-used)

So for me FZ200 became the low-light miracle to deliver IRL despite I got DSLR/primes

Photography is just a hobby to me so I don't invest much money into it. Like I mentioned in a previous post my camera for the last 7 years has been an FZ200, and I agree that it generally does an excellent job for me. I am fairly frequently surprised by how well some shots turn out.

The weakness of the FZ200 is low light situations where I have to use high ISO just to get the shot. I have some ISO 800 pictures that I am happy with, but many at ISO 800 and beyond are just too grainy for me to be satisfied with them. About a year ago I acquired a Sony RX100VII. It does perform better in low lights, but the compact size has other limitations like reach. With Covid I really haven't used this camera enough to have a firm opinion about it yet.


Regarding "low light" with your RX100M7 camera.

I have the RX100M6 camera, but not the RX100M7.

I also have the RX100M2, it does well in low lights.

See if your M7 does as well as the M2 in low lights.

Can see my posted out-of-camera jpgs from my M2.



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