Simple Z6 II AF question.

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Re: Simple Z6 II AF question.

javiair wrote:

Very simple question.

Does the Z6 II AF compare to the D750 or the D500 on a fast moving subject either erratic or predictable moving subjects?

Before anyone asks what kind of subject. Ill give examples. Airshow photography of fast moving airplanes doing a low alt pass. Football and Footbol, Hockey, volleyball, baseball and softball games, equestrian and riders on horseback at a water polo match.

While a simple question, the answer is a little more complex. I had a D750 and have a D500. The D500 has one of the best AF systems put into a DSLR. It can lock on to a subject instantly and sticks to it really well. If it does lose the subject, it grabs it again instantly. To me the D750 doesn’t compare to the D500 in this regard. I personally found the original Z6/Z7 to be comparable to the D750. Slightly better in some situations and slightly worse in others. My Z7ii is somewhere in between. It acquires focus faster than the D750, but not as fast as a D500. Tracking is actually pretty good. I’ve mainly been shooting birds with it so far and have had good results. It can take longer than the D500 to reacquire focus if it loses it. The overall speed of a D500 is also on another level. The Z7ii feels sluggish in FPS by comparison. There is a difference in shooting mirrorless vs DSLR. They use different AF modes which behave slightly different. Also, you can only use high continuous shooting to take advantage of all the features. Using the faster high extended or whatever it’s called gives you the slideshow effect in the EVF making it impossible to track erratic subjects.

I feel the Z6ii can easily replace a D750 but not a D500.

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