Choosing a printer for art prints

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Re: Choosing a printer for art prints

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

This is all very good information, and I think you've really helped the OP.

But I do have one relatively minor quibble:

Finally, short of selling prints where “100 years” is a necessary selling point, I no longer find the longevity issue to be a factor in selecting a pigment vs dye printer. Today’s dye printers are far better than older ones, and I have 15 year old dye prints, printed largely on Pictorico high gloss white film on Epson printers, that are displayed without glass, and look as good as they did back then. If I need to reprint in 30 years, I will 😀

That is only true for Canon ChromaLife 100+ and Epson Claria dye inks. No third-party dye ink, or AFAIK Canon or Epson 'tank' printer-type ink, has ever tested out in the same ballpark in fade resistance under scientific testing (Aardenburg, Wilhelm, or similar). Canon ChromaLife 100+ dye ink (Pro-100, Pro-200, iP8720, some others) has tested out really excellent. Epson Claria dye ink is not as fade-resistant, but it is in the ballpark of many of the color 'wet print' materials from not so many years ago, and 'good enough' for many purposes.

Agreed.  I don't use 3rd party inks.

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