LG K92 5g phone - 64 MP rear camera shots!

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Re: LG K92 5g phone - 64 MP rear camera shots!

fuego6 wrote:

Super sharpened... in camera or post processed?

Sharpened in PP, probably oversharpened. However, down-sampling the original 64 MP files to about 8 MP (4k size) the resulting images are crisp with tons of detail.

I did a lot of comparison shots with the LG K92 phone and a Canon M6 Mk II with a EF-S 10-18mm IS STM lens at 17mm (this gives about the same horizontal field of view as the phone) and f8 (for maximum sharpness).

The LG's phone files at full 64 MP have a lot of detail, slightly more than the 32 MP files from the Canon, but since the only output at that res is compression-6 JPG, there are a lot of compression artifacts and the Canon RAW files are much cleaner and better-looking. Post processing both of them, downsizing and PP to 32 MP, 24 MP, 16 MP, and 8 MP.... at 16 MP and 8 MP one has to look closely to tell the results apart.

Here's a comparisons after down-sizing to 8 MP and PP carefully to preserve detail and get the images to similar bright/contrast/color, between the LG K92 and the Canon M6 Mk II. The phone has a smaller dynamic range so the sky gets slightly blown out.

LG K92 phone image, downsized from 64 MP to 3840 pixels wide and post-processed

Canon M6 Mk II image, with Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS STM at 17mm, f8, downsize from 32 MP to 3840 pixels wide and post-processed

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