It's quite in here - like Stonehenge

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Re: It's quite in here - like Stonehenge

Gary from Seattle wrote:

That is a really great shot, Mike. The crescent moon adds a lot to the image and makes it feel mystical.

The scene reminds me of one I saw and imaged in the early 90's at Chaco Canyon. The post sunset scene had the most spectacular blue hour - shades of magenta to yellow actually - from the Pinatubo colors. The scene was so beautiful that everyone on the park road was stopped, dumbfounded by the sky colors. Chaco was great at least back then as everyone that visited was incredibly interested in the amazing archaeology. I had several long conversations with other interested visitors as I walked the trails. It was the most magical place I've ever visited.

Above Chetro Ketl, and through the windows of it's wall was a lovely crescent moon. That is a memory I still treasure nearly 30 years later. There is a pictograph in the canyon that is thought to have recorded the supernova explosion of 1054.

That night with the incredibly clear skies, the Chaco observatory opened it's doors to the public to view the SW skies that were about the darkest in North America.

wow, holy cow, some great memorable experiences! I had to google Chetro Ketl, 400 rooms, wow.

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