Camera recommendation for 4k wildlife filming

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Re: Camera recommendation for 4k wildlife filming

Luke Gr wrote:

Hello! I am looking for a 4k camera to shoot wildlife mostly in forests often with rough terrain (steep slopes, rocks, lush vegetation). I have experience with DSLR's but it's frustrating to lose good action setting up the tripod and everything. Mostly I will use a tripod but often I would have to film handheld (a lot of stealthy action between trees and such). I need a camera dedicated for filming to make my work easier that's why I'm inclining to go for a camcorder or something similar. Most important features to have would be :

- 4k capabilities

- a lot of zoom, integrated or achieved by adding lens (at least 500 mm / 20x)

- good focusing system (a lot of situations when I have to film between trees and branches)

- good built-in stabilization (for situations where I can't use the tripod and quick unexpected encounters)

- preferably good low light capabilities (shady forests)

- ability to shoot timelapse and slowmotion would be great too

My budget is somewhere between 2.000 - 3.000 $ but depending on situation I can increase it a bit.

I have no experience with camcorders but I did some research on the internet. For the moment I set my eyes upon the Canon XF400 camcorder mostly because I have the option to buy the Canon TL-U58 Tele-Converter Lens (1.5x) which would boost my zoom a lot allowing me to keep the distance between me and my shy subjects. Any recommendations are welcome.

I am new to the site. Thanks for having me and thank you in advance for the pointers!

You may be better off with a dedicated video camera than a hybrid still / video camera.

Panasonic has their GH series cameras, with a variety of dual image stabilization combinations available [in body IS combined with in lens IS]. Lots of video specific features and menu modes.

For example, a GH5 body + 100-399 zoom [weather sealed, dual IS] is about $2000

Even the non 'hybrid' MFT cameras from Panasonic and Olympus [M5.3, M1.2, M1.3; G9] offer multiple video modes and support for external microphones and recorders.

There are also some 'one inch' sensor bridge camera options from Panasonic [FZ1000, FZ2500] and Sony [RX10] worth considering.

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