EOS M, M50 or M6 mark ii?

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Re: EOS M, M50 or M6 mark ii?

Thanks all for the feedback and opinions, very much appreciated!

It seems the M6 Mk2 was the clear winner from my options so I bought a used body in 'Excellent' condition from MPB. I traded in my EOS M and SpeedLite 90EX as the M6 Mk2 has a small flash built in. I've never had an EVF so I won't miss it, the tiling screen may help when taking pictures in bright sunlight anyway.

I've kept my lenses and will test them out on the M6. I can see the 55-250 being sold and put the cost towards the 32mm as opposed to the 22mm. The 32mm seems to take more advantage of the sensor. Or I may sell the 18-55 and get the EF-S 10-18mm even though it adds bulk with the adapter. Any opinions on lens choices would be appreciated.

I understand the 32mm is more of a 50mm taking into account the cropped sensor (please correct me if I'm wrong) but it is expensive (anyone feeling generous ;-))!

I get the point about waiting to see what Canon release this year, but my uncle used to wait for a "new model" and never bought anything!

I almost bought the one from Camix and the company does seem legitimate. However, he offered me a low price for my EOS M (I could always sell it elsewhere) and the M6 Mk2 was a grey import. Although he offered a 2 year warranty with Camix themselves, he hasn't been trading for long and I've been stung in the past where companies have changed their name rendering any warranties useless. Thats not to say Camix will do this and he seemed genuine on the phone, it just wasn't a risk I personally wanted to take.

Granted I only get a 6 month warranty from MPB I felt safer as they're more established and it makes the trade in on the EOS M easier. I can always put some of the money saved towards insurance.

I'm sure I'll have more questions once I get the M6 mk2, but this seems like a great forum with lots of knowledgable people! 

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