XF10 - S L O W?

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Re: XF10 - S L O W?

afm wrote:

I agree. My son has one and it is not slow. For me it's biggest failure is the lens. Dreadful distortion at the borders causing softness.

Here I also would disagree. I put some pictures of the XF10 together in a flickr album. The lens does not seem so terrible to me. I find it actually quite good. Maybe I am missing something. It might be, that for example the Ricoh´s lens ist better in the corners but I doubt that you can see a difference if you don´t enlarge to 100%. On a screen or in a print with 30x40 oder 50x60cm it would be difficult to see any difference.

Here you can find the album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100513133@N08/albums/72157716210733882

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