What happens at the end of a roll of paper?

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Re: What happens at the end of a roll of paper?

New to DSC-World wrote:

I have about 2.1 m left of a 12m 36" roll of HFA Baryta Satin, and would like to print an image that is 1.93 m long.

Usually I avoid to print so close to the end of the roll. It may have a marks from the tension. Unfold it and check it thoroughly before you print it.

I see that the paper is taped to the roll at the center, which I assume limits the use of the last few cm of paper. I thought I could just feed this remaining paper in as a sheet, but the Canon Pro-4100 does not recognise this oddball "sheet" as a standard size, and won't load it. (Or rather it loads and evaluates it and then spits it back out...)

If I put the paper back on the roll, but not taped, do I have a fighting chance of getting this print done? I am keen to avoid wasting this much paper, and don't have anything else smaller that needs printing.

How much at the end of a roll is inevitably wasted (another way of asking my question)? I have seen advice (from Epson) about not using the last 50cm or so, but I cannot see any marks on other problems on the surface of the innermost part of the paper.

Sorry, this is my first time coming to the end of a big roll with this printer! I couldn't find anything online quite covering this problem, though I'm sure there is a standard approach.

Thanks very much for your guidance!

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