Upgrade a6000 to a6500 or a6600 (or even a7C) in 2021?

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Re: Roid,

cxsparc wrote:

"The fact's are there to see, the a7c is not 1 stop better, not even close, in fact it would be difficult to determine a stop"

Sorry, but that is driveling nonsense. Check A6600 at ISO 3200 versus A7C at ISO6400: Even with the advantage of a full stop, the A6600 is less sharp and has more noise:


So it is NOT difficult to see that the difference is AT least 1 stop.

It beats me why you feel pressed to post such misinformation.

Also, you are confusing things a bit. In most photos, ISO is in the low ISOs. Dynamic range is visible there. If you need to push for several stops, you have either messed up your initial shot or are shooting under poor conditions where IQ is no longer of a primary concern since it will be suboptimal anyway.

What you DO see is in dark sections that you intend to lift. My older A6000 is quite poor in that regard compared to the A6600: Lots of color noise even at base ISO, color shifts to green when strongly pushed.

Another thing: using a f4 lens does not automatically require you to push the image by a stop compared to a f2.8 lens. As long as you have still high enough shutter speed you can simply expose longer instead of upping ISO. At base ISO you will see the fundamental differences in DR between FF and APSC when you have a highly dynamic scene. At higher ISO the DR difference is cancelled out because the F4 lens reaches minimum shutter speed one stop sooner, requiring ISO to be raised one stop and then, tadaaa, both photos become very comparable in all regards.

But the whole discussion is beside the point: Both the A7c with f4 and A6600 with f2.8 deliver great IQ and either choice is perfectly fine.

If you can live with the shortcomings of the F2.8 FF Tamron zooms (smaller focal range, bokeh, speed and reliability of AF), you can get a gear that is a stop faster, has lower DOF and similar size compared to what zooms are available in APSC. THAT is what you claim you are looking for. Sticking with F4 FF keeps you on IQ similar to APSC f2.8.

That you distort my "affordable" into "cheap" just shows how worked up you are about this for unknown reasons.

What "fundamental differences in DR between FF and APSC"? Its a very very small difference. Not to mention that a9 has worst DR than a6500..

Personally I want small premium a6x00 style camera (can be FF, but then ideally I want around 40mp for reach) and I am happy to  pay premium for that. If a7c had 1/8000 full mechanical shutter and 42mp sensor it would be an instant buy from me(even if it cost substantially more)

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