XF10 - S L O W?

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Re: XF10 - S L O W?

LiveFromPhilly wrote:

I can add my two cents and say I found it pretty slow, but the real issue was the inaccuracy. It would miss focus for seemingly no reason on subjects that weren’t challenging to any other camera I’ve owned.
It was also super slow to start up compared to something like a Ricoh GR. I’d love for Fuji to take another shot at the concept because it was priced perfectly.

Maybe there was something wrong with your XF10. Mine is definitely not slow to wake up. I had a Ricoh GR II before the XF10 and that camera had a slower start because the lens hat to come out much longer than the lens of the XF10.

I have not yet had pictures taken where the focus frame signaled "green" but the picture was not sharp.  On my camera the focus is not the fastes and in low light situations it can pump a little but if it locks it is correct.  If you combine autofocus with manual focus (which ist possible) you can easily adjust the focus if in a lowlight situation the auto focus is having problems. I think Ricohs have similar problems with auto focus in low light situations.

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