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Re: CONSTRUCTION PHOTOGRAPHY - Beginners Advice Needed

James C. Whiteside III wrote:

Ken Seals wrote:

Given the technical nature of engineering photography, I suggest you look at a much higher resolution drone camera. 12 MP or 20 MP to be able to get fine detail in the photos.


For anything work-related, we would use our companies equipment (for liability and legal reasons).

The drone I am looking to purchase would be for personal use. Mainly to document family events and travel destinations for my personal social media and texting purposes.

My main goals would be something that is light and compact for traveling/hiking and capable of social media quality.

But I fully understand the concept of BUYING something above your current needs, verse buying multiple pieces of equipment that will need to be replaced over a short period of time (due to lack of quality and/or features).

Just look at the DJI Mini 2, there is plenty of quality and possibilities in that little light weight drone. 4K and Raw image capture,  don't forget it has a 2x, 4x zoom. Ocusync 2.0, and ...
A lot of better then version 1, and this little fellow has already offered many pleasure to many starter and amateur drone pilots.
Just do a little homework and invest some time to look at reviews for the Mini 2 on YouTube and the info on DJI's website. There is so much in favor for this very portable drone, it's the best in his class.
For the time being I keep my version 1, with some software post-processing on the footage and pictures I'm quiet happy with the result. I'm waiting for a PRO 3 version to see what that will give. But then again it will not make things easier to fly around here in Europe. The mini's do have the advantage to give very good results and can fly around in more spaces then the heavier and bigger drones, due to noise and other legal restrictions.
If you ever should consider to buy the Mini 2, don't forget that the Mini 2 Fly More Combo is the best package.

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