Large parabolic umbrella

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Re: Large parabolic umbrella

tugwilson wrote:

Paul wrote:


another thing: there are all these great powerful battery powered mono heads out there now....awesome.....but IMO not ideal for a need the extra power for a big para which means a lot of weight on the focus rod.....makes the whole thing less stable and harder to focus.....I would definitely recommend a (small, light) head and pack combo.....much more stable and manageable and the pack puts the weight where you need it anyway.....low on the stand.....

The AD600Pro and AD400Pro have remote heads available which solves that problem

YES! and the old 600 has/had the bi tube head....a 1200 ws head for 2 600 monos....

there is a rumor godox/flashpoint will make a bi tube head for the 1200 packs....2400ws battery powered.....cant wait:)

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