Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

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Re: Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

tbcass wrote:

Lensmate wrote:

Certainly its true for a good many peeps...your an older guy in late 70's and find it suits you for your age now. But there are many that are not of that age and tow along several lenses no problem. To each his own. The original poster failed to mention what he is shooting and how old he is...

-Martin P

Actually my age has nothing to do with it because I'm in excellent shape, walk several miles a day, do some weight training and not I'm arthritic. For me it's simply for convenience. I find that when I walkaround with my A99ii and several lenses it's just time consuming and a pain in the ass to keep changing lenses. It also can result in lost opportunities for fleeting moments because I'm a walk around looking for photographic opportunities photographer.

The Sony bridge camera is excellent, but it will never match the A99ii. Certainly it's easier and less a pain in the ass, but hey, if convenience is what you want [laziness] then you get what you put into it. Everyone feels differently to suit their needs at various stages. To each their own.

-Martin P

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