Potential R series buyer needs reality check about the AF system(s)

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Re: Potential R series buyer needs reality check about the AF system(s)

gedansky wrote:

I own the Canon 7D Mark II. And while there is a LOT to love, it came with what have turned into some deal breakers. The 65 crossover focus points compete for a focus lock rather than working together to map the subject, as I had first understood. So, like my REbel T6, where I have to turn off 8 of the 9 focus points so they don't compete, with the 7D MII, I turn off 64 of the 65 points MOST of the time. And, when shooting birds in flight, I shoot CenterPoint with some active surrounding focus points. But, I never keep all 65 points active because they seem to bounce around arbitrarily and grab whatever they can, even if it doesn't appear closer.
What REALLY I want is:
1) an AF system that uses multiple focal points that all work together to quickly bring my subject into sharp focus. NOT a bunch of focus points that need be shut off because they are all racing to grab whatever seems closest.
2) a decent frame rate in burst mode (7-10fps, at least) with a seemingly bottomless buffer
3) low to no noise at high ISO

I shoot diverse subject matter, from nature, landscapes, wildlife and BIF at one end, to architecture, cityscapes, and street photography at the other.
For the wildlife and birds in flight I tend to rent the Tamron 150-600mm G2. The rest of the time I use the Tamron 16-300mm "superzoom". I shoot the urban side with either the Tamron 16-300mm, Sigma 17-70mm or Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX HSM prime.
I know I can bring these with me if I get a converter.
Can I get the performance I want, and shoot the subject matter I want with the RP?

Short answer: probably not. Wildlife and BIF will be more challenging with the RP because of AF, burst rate and pixel density limitations. You are right, with all focus points active the 7DMkII is not too good. I also switched to center point. But the RP's focusing is weaker, especially for motion towards the camera or when it needs to find focus starting from a seriously defocused position.

In addition, the 7D MkII is sturdier, better sealed, handles much better in the field, and the optical viewfinder is easier to use for BIF. The only advantage I see with the RP is better high ISO performance.

For everything else the RP seems the better choice. But short of an 1DX or R6/R5 the 7D MkII is still the best for BIF. Maybe you keep it and add an RP?

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